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Visit One News Page for Aurora news from around the world, aggregated from leading sources including newswires, newspapers and broadcast media. Search millions of archived news headlines. This feed provides the Aurora news headlines.
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    Annual exercises held by the Philippine and U.S. navies are skipping the South China Sea this year as the Southeast Asian nation’s leader takes another step toward a stronger political and economic relationship with China, the sea’s most ambitious claimant. The “Balikatan” military exercises May 8-19 include a disaster drill off Aurora province on the Pacific Ocean side of the main Philippine island, Luzon. They have kept clear of disputed tracts in the South China Sea. Beijing’s maritime... Reported by VOA News 7 hours ago.

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    The Aurora school board unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday aimed at helping immigrant students feel safer, but not before fault lines emerged over its title and intent. Reported by Denver Post 3 hours ago.

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    An Aurora man who bilked investors out of more than $900,000 in an elaborate patent fraud scam has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Reported by Denver Post 3 hours ago.

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    Joel Mary Felix, 37, was at a friend's house where she was drinking and smoking crack for several hours before she went outside and shot a man in the stomach. Reported by Denver Post 22 hours ago.

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    FDA approves brigatinib as a second-line therapy for ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer.

    AURORA, Colo. (PRWEB) May 17, 2017

    About 3-5 percent of lung cancers are caused by changes in the gene ALK. In 2011, the FDA granted accelerated approval for the drug crizotinib to target these ALK changes. However, two major problems have remained: Crizotinib does not pass into the brain and so is unable to target ALK-positive lung cancer in the central nervous system, and the genetic diversity of cancer allows the later growth of subpopulations that can resist the drug, leading to renewed growth. In response, researchers have been actively developing next-generation ALK-inhibitors.

    Results of a multi-center, 222-person phase 2 clinical trial of the next-generation ALK inhibitor, brigatinib at 180mg/day, used after failure of crizotinib showed a 54 percent response rate and 12.9 month progression-free survival. (Effects were lower at a lower dose.) Results are published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

    “What brigatinib at this higher dose shows is comparable response rates to other next generation ALK inhibitors post-crizotinib but – and this is important – the duration of this benefit appears to be significantly longer,” says D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, Joyce Zeff Chair in Lung Cancer Research at the CU Cancer Center and director of Thoracic Oncology at the CU School of Medicine. Camidge is the paper’s senior author.

    In fact, Camidge points out that at the time of publication, many patients enrolled on this trial continued to experience cancer control and that more recent results presented at academic conferences show that median progression-free survival with brigatinib against ALK-positive lung cancer may be closer to 16 months.

    “Once a cancer resists crizotinib, other next-generation ALK inhibitors control cancer for about 7 months or about 9 months. This publication showing 12.9 month progression-free survival and our updated data showing even longer control suggest that these drugs are not all the same,” Camidge says.

    This study along with data from the phase 1 trial showing comparable activity at the same dose and relatively few side-effects led to the FDA approval of brigatinib as a second-line therapy for ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer on April 28, 2017.

    Crizotinib, along with brigatinib and the other next ALK-inhibitors are members of a class of drugs called “kinase inhibitors” that seek to silence the signaling related to various cancer-causing proteins by restricting their access to energy. In this case, all ALK-inhibitors aim first to prohibit the signaling of a protein that results from the aberrant expression of an ALK fusion gene, which is the root cause of what is called ALK-positive lung cancer. The next generation ALK inhibitors all have better penetration into the brain than does crizotinib and work on a range of different mutations in ALK that emerge as mechanisms of resistance to crizotinib. However, they may not all penetrate the brain to the same extent and they may not all work on the same range of resistance mutations.

    As the response rate from these next generation drugs after crizotinib tends to be similar, Camidge hypothesizes that all of the drugs work on the most common resistance mechanisms. “However, the duration of benefit, which really appears to differ between these newer agents, may be much more determined by their ability to suppress the less common ALK mutations – the second and third mechanisms of resistance that would otherwise emerge next month or the month after that,” Camidge says. “Brigatinib has a broader spectrum of coverage of resistance mechanisms than many of these other next generation drugs, especially at the higher dose. So the broader your spectrum of coverage of resistance mechanisms, the longer you control the disease.”

    Camidge also sees potential promise in the fact that brigatinib’s benefit in the recent study increased with its dose. Because the drug is generally well-tolerated, with few side-effects, the obvious implication is that patients may be able to control their cancer longer with a higher dose. Also, “beyond just 90 and 180mg as in this trial, we may have the potential in the future to explore further intra-patient dose escalation,” Camidge says, meaning that if a cancer progresses after treatment with brigatinib, rather than discontinuing the drug, it may be possible to control the cancer again by increasing the dose even more (though more studies are needed).

    This is in contrast with many other genetic changes that cause lung cancer. For example, “In EGFR lung cancer, resistance shifts sensitivity to targeted treatments by orders of magnitude – just doubling the dose of a drug wouldn’t make a difference. But with ALK, some of these resistance mechanisms are on the cusp of what you can inhibit and upping the dose may push cancer cells past the tipping point.”

    As next-generation ALK-inhibitors offer more activity against ALK-positive lung cancer in the brain and better activity against the genetic changes that can help cancer resist crizotinib new questions arise, for example, “What if we don’t wait for resistance but go on a next-gen ALK inhibitor first?” Camidge asks. “Would that give the patient an advantage over using the drugs sequentially?” Reported by PRWeb 22 hours ago.

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    Sharklet Technologies Inc., an Aurora-based biotechnology company, said today it has been acquired by Peaceful Union, a medical device firm based in Hangzhou, China. Sharklet makes a textured product -- also called Sharklet -- that's designed to inhibits bacterial growth on surfaces. Terms of the deal were not announced. "The acquisition of the company will enable Sharklet Technologies to accelerate the development of Sharklet for medical devices where chemical-free bacterial inhibition is desired… Reported by bizjournals 20 hours ago.

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    Elle Fanning Shows Off Details of Vivienne Westwood Gown at Cannes Elle Fanning is having an amazing Cinderella moment at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival right now — or should we make that an Aurora moment? The 19-year-old actress was so happy to show off her custom Vivienne Westwood gown for the opening ceremony, letting everyone see the amazing painting on the train. “Thank you from [...] Reported by Just Jared Jr 20 hours ago.

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    The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) ( has announced that it has sent a shipment of over $175,000 worth of necessities to assist veterans attending the Aurora Veterans Week in the Chicago area.

    Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 18, 2017

    The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) ( has announced that it has sent a shipment of over $175,000 worth of necessities to assist veterans attending the Aurora Veterans Week in the Chicago area.

    The Aurora Veterans Week is hosted by the Aurora Veterans Advisory Council (AVAC). Located in Aurora, IL, AVAC was founded in 1998 to address the most pressing issues impacting local veterans. Last year, they instituted the first annual “Vets Week Aurora,” which is an entire week dedicated to raising money for, and increasing awareness of, veterans in need.

    This will be the second year DVNF has supported the event, and like last year, DVNF representatives will be on hand to help give out the shipment sent through its Health & Comfort program.

    Items included in this year’s Health & Comfort shipment include: blankets, Comfort Kits, assorted clothing items, shoes, socks, and other helpful care items like sunscreen and soap.

    These items will be given out on Tuesday, May 23rd for the Vet Week Day of Giving. DVNF and other local and national organizations will provide assistance to the veterans attending. DVNF staff members will represent the organization to hand out supplies to veterans and to help in any other way they can.

    “This event was incredible last year, and we are so honored that AVAC wanted to work with DVNF again,” said DVNF CEO, Joseph VanFonda (USMC SgtMaj Ret.). “Having an entire week dedicated to recognizing, supporting, and honoring veterans truly brings new meaning to what it means to serve our heroes, and DVNF is humbled to aid veterans in need at this event.”

    This year’s Veterans Week will take place from May 20-29th. You can find the full schedule of events, here.

    # # #

    About DVNF:

    The Disabled Veterans National Foundation exists to provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded—physically or psychologically—after defending our safety and our freedom.

    We achieve this mission by:· Providing an online resource database that allows veterans to navigate the complex process of seeking benefits that they are entitled to as a result of their military service, as well as additional resources they need.
    · Offering direct financial support to veteran organizations that address the unique needs of veterans, and whose missions align with that of DVNF.
    · Providing supplemental assistance to homeless and low-income veterans through the Health & Comfort program and various empowerment resources.
    · Serving as a thought leader on critical policy issues within the veteran community, and educating the public accordingly. Reported by PRWeb 23 hours ago.

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    Five years to the day that the Colorado Economic Development Commission approved public funding for the first two projects in the controversial Regional Tourism Act program, one of them is exceeding expectations for its early efforts to attract new visitors to the state, while no work has begun on the other one. In fact, commissioners noted those substantial differences Thursday as they praised the efforts of officials connected to the Gaylord Rockies hotel and conference center in Aurora while… Reported by bizjournals 22 hours ago.

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    Some Colorado conservatives are joining President Donald Trump in blaming the press for the daily eye-pop, head-spinning news stories streaming from the White House.

    Leading the charge are local talk radio hosts, but conservative politicians are also mad at journalists.

    Appearing on KOA 850-AM Mandy Connell show yesterday, U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) lamented that the media are “inventing this Russia story.”

    *Buck:* “When George Bush won, he was the dumbest human being alive, even though he’d gone to great schools and gotten great degrees. Every time he stumbled in a speech, it was a story for two or three days. He just wasn’t smart enough to be president “ Buck told Connell. “And then we get Barack Obama, and he’s the smartest person in the world. He’s just a savior. “And then we get Donald Trump. And they’ve got to find something with Donald Trump. He’s a very successful businessman. So obviously he’s not stupid. *So now now we’re inventing this Russia story, and just on and on.”*

    Citing the anonymous sources used by the New York Times in its story about Trump pressuring Comey to not investigate former national security adviser Michael Flynn, KNUS radio host and (former Fox 31 Denver reporter) Julie Hayden said on air May 15.

    *Hayden:* “I have been dismayed ― I mean, as a reporter― at just how they just make it ―. I mean, they really do just make it up, you know!”

    Co-host Chuck Bonniwell jumped in with, “They don’t care. They just don’t care.”

    You can always criticize journalists, and some people will never accept anonymous sources, but that’s why we have professional journalism. To utilize such sources in a responsible way. That’s not making stuff up―or not caring.

    Colorado gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler*, *who gained fame as a prosecutor in the Aurora theater murders, also pointed to bias among reporters covering Trump. On KNUS 710-AM May 15, Brauchler said:

    *Brauchler*:  [Journalists] don’t need Trump’s help. But he gives it to them anyway. That’s the only part that’s a little frustrating, is like, ‘If you, Mr. President, could just pull it back― just a little bit ―* it would expose, I think, how biased that they truly are*.’ Because right now, there’s just enough there that they make mountains out of molehills, and all this other stuff.  But if he can just pull it back, just a little bit.

    To her credit, KOA host Mandy Connell faults Trump for blundering, but then she attacks the “viciousness” of the media and says the “media has picked [his blunders] up, [and] blown up into massive proportion.”

    “Trump keeps giving the media ammunition with which to shoot him,” said Connell on air. “If he would shut his pie hole sometimes and not shoot from the hip, they would not have the ammunition that they currently have.”

    In truth, the media are working sources and exposing serious dangers to us and our democracy. That’s what the fourth estate is supposed to do. Thank you, journalism. Listen to Buck on KOA May 18 here.

    -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website. Reported by Huffington Post 14 minutes ago.

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    Butterball will shutter its Gusto meatpacking plant in Montgomery, where it employs about 600 full-time workers, marking another painful loss of jobs in the Aurora area.

    The North Carolina-based company's announcement comes after Caterpillar announced last month it would close its manufacturing... Reported by ChicagoTribune 19 hours ago.

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    State Reps. Paul Rosenthal and Dave Williams have asked Gov. John Hickenlooper to grant a pardon to Rene Lima-Marin as a possible legal remedy for the 38-year-old Aurora man who was ordered released from prison Wednesday only to be taken into custody by immigration officials who could possibly deport him to his native Cuba. Reported by Denver Post 18 hours ago.

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    Aurora, CO (May 18, 2017) – As the national horse racing and sports spotlight focuses on Always Dreaming’s Triple Crown bid in Saturday’s Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, the local horse racing spotlight in the Rocky Mountain region will flick on for the start of the 2017 season in Colorado at Arapahoe Park. The Aurora, Colorado racetrack will conduct 39 days of live horse racing in 2017 from Friday, May 19, to August 13. Reported by Denver Post 17 hours ago.

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    Humans change every environment we inhabit on Earth, building cities, clearing forests, growing crops, and living in even the most remote parts of our world. 

    But now we have evidence that we also affect the vacuum of space around us.

    According to new findings, a type of radio communication actually produces something like a bubble of radiation protection around our planet. The study also includes insights from research into how Cold War-era nuclear tests changed the space environment around Earth.

    SEE ALSO: Rare 'severe' geomagnetic storm is hitting Earth right now

    “A number of experiments and observations have figured out that, under the right conditions, radio communications signals in the VLF [very low frequency] frequency range can in fact affect the properties of the high-energy radiation environment around the Earth,” Phil Erickson, a co-author of the new study appearing the journal Space Science Reviews, said in a statement. Read more...

    More about Space, Nasa, Science, Aurora, and Space Weather Reported by Mashable 19 hours ago.

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    A stabbing incident in Aurora Sunday left one man dead and another in jail. Aurora police wouldn't discuss what happened. Reported by Denver Post 9 hours ago.

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    The freshly-renovated hotel is conveniently located off of Route 90 and provides easy access to downtown Albany.

    East Greenbush, New York (PRWEB) May 23, 2017

    Fairfield Inn & Suites Albany East Greenbush, the Albany hotel owned and managed by Baywood Hotels, announces the completion of its full property renovation, with the addition of six suites. The addition of the suites allows the property to become a Fairfield Inn & Suites brand, from a standard Fairfield Inn.

    Completed in November 2016, the 30-year-old hotel underwent a complete renovation to its 100 rooms, with a freshly-painted exterior, an innovative porte cochere and new parking lot lighting. In addition to public space improvements, the hotel also renovated its guest rooms with new TVs, bedding, furniture, carpet, tile and drapery. All rooms now feature upgraded amenities with new microwaves and mini-fridges. Guest bathrooms were also remodeled with new vanities, sinks, showers and bathtubs. The new upgrades add to the overall appeal of the room and help to enhance the guest experience.

    Enter the hotel through brand new automatic doors, and be welcomed to a fresh lobby featuring modern furniture, a renovated ceiling, new front desk and an upgraded corner market. An expanded breakfast/dining area complements the stylish lobby that is completed by a decorative fireplace. The transformations continue with a new state-of-the-art fitness center, as well as a seasonal, outdoor pool, which is equipped with new poolside furniture. Hallways throughout the hotel have new wallpaper, in addition to new carpet and luminous lighting.

    "This renovation allowed us the opportunity to convert a 30 year old building, into a Modern Essentials gem," said Michael Ryzner, General Manager. "The transformation allowed us to expand our room types to include suites, so that we may welcome more families and extended stay travelers to our hotel."

    Fairfield Inn & Suites Albany East Greenbush also offers complimentary amenities, including high-speed internet, on-site parking and hot breakfast, which includes eggs, breakfast meats, cereal, yogurt and juices, among many other options. Complimentary coffee and tea are offered in the lobby 24 hours a day.

    The East Greenbush hotel near Albany, located at 124 Troy Road East Greenbush, NY 12061, is near several local corporations such as Regeneron, NYISO, Pitney Bowes and Rensselaer Tech Park. Fairfield Inn & Suites Albany East Greenbush is conveniently located off of Route 90 and provides easy access downtown Albany, the Empire State Plaza, Times Union Center and Palace Theater.


    About Fairfield Inn & Suites Albany East Greenbush
    Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott is designed for today’s traveler who is looking to be productive on the road, whether for business or leisure. In addition to complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast, Fairfield Inn & Suites offers thoughtfully designed rooms and suites that provide separate living, working and sleeping areas. With more than 675 properties throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, Fairfield Inn & Suites hotels participate in the award-winning Marriott Rewards® frequent travel program that allows members to earn hotel points or airline miles for every dollar spent during each stay. For more information or reservations, contact the Fairfield Inn & Suites Albany East Greenbush directly at (518) 477-7984, visit or become a fan at

    About Baywood Hotels
    Established in 1975, Baywood Hotels, Inc. is a fast-growing and privately-owned hospitality management company, operating $1 billion in assets and employing over 1,800 associates nationwide. The company is headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland, and has regional offices in Aurora, CO; Herndon, VA; Miami; Pittsford, NY and San Antonio. In each of its regions, the private hotel ownership company is consistently recognized as an innovative leader in the hotel industry, focusing on product concept and development and the outstanding management of its assets. The focused vision, strong values and aggressive long-range strategy of Baywood Hotels has helped the company develop reputable and well-branded hotels in areas where Baywood has competitive expertise and partnerships. Baywood Hotels’ portfolio includes well-known brands, such as Marriott, Hilton and InterContinental Hotels Group, as well as several independent brands. Contact us through Facebook or our website. Reported by PRWeb 17 hours ago.

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    Eric Garcia still vividly remembers attending his first Nuggets game. The Aurora native was still in elementary school and he took his duty as a fan seriously. Reported by Denver Post 10 hours ago.

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    Justin Joneswhen he impulsively smoked the Thanksgiving turkey. It went off like gangbusters. Reported by Denver Post 9 hours ago.

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    NetXpress, a specialist managed services provider for market data, has selected BSO’s global low-latency connectivity network to deliver U.S clients seamless access to emerging markets.

    Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 24, 2017

    NetXpress, a specialist managed services provider for market data, has selected BSO’s global low-latency connectivity network to deliver U.S clients seamless access to emerging markets.

    BSO’s emerging market experience, coupled with its highly stable trading links, were the two key factors behind NetXpress’s decision. BSO’s network connection points span across the Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa, in addition to the more established North American and European markets. For market makers looking to these regions for new revenue streams, the speed and reliability at which NetXpress provision market data is crucial in order to execute trades quicker than the rest of the industry.

    Commenting on the partnership, Fraser Bell, Chief Revenue Officer of BSO, said: “The fastest access to pricing data is imperative for market makers to make quick fire decisions on whether to buy or sell. As demand across emerging regions increases, our diverse global network and proven infrastructure ensures NetXpressclients have seamless access to time-sensitive market information.”

    Moshe Siegel, managing director, at NetXpress, added, "We are pleased to partner with BSO Networks in a manner which plays to each firm’s core strengths. BSO Network’s leadership in global connectivity coupled with NetXpress’ deep experience in providing financial firms with world-wide market connectivity and managed services, provides an all-encompassing solution to financial customers."

    The agreement with NetXpress, which comes on the heels of a deal with FX and derivatives broker Sucden Financial last month, cements BSO’s reputation as a leading low-latency connectivity provider to emerging markets.

    About BSO
    BSO is the Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for global businesses wanting superior technology infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most dynamic marketplaces. The company pioneers technology across emerging and established markets, designing solutions that offer the highest availability and lowest latency in the industry. BSO’s global network spans 20 countries with 91 data center locations.

    BSO is redefining connectivity through best-in-class services, global knowledge base and a unique approach to the customer experience. The company continually strives to innovate and invest in its own services to ensure its solutions evolve in parallel with the finance community. For more information, please visit Follow BSO on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    About NetXpress
    NetXpress was founded by industry veterans, Moshe Siegel and Scott Feagans. NetXpress is a low latency focused managed service provider, dedicated to creating custom, resilient solutions for financial clients across the globe.

    NetXpress is an innovator in the managed service space, providing financial firms with a latency edge for shared exchange connectivity. By deploying layer1 distribution, NetXpress has minimized the burden of excessive switch hops and flattened their network. This strategic network design is supported by the NetXpress global network operations center, which utilizes a ‘follow the sun’ model.

    NetXpress has fully managed service locations in 350 E. Cermak, Aurora, NY4, Basildon, LD4 and Frankfurt FR2. The tactical partnership with BSO Networks extends their colocation capabilities to numerous other global datacenters in response to client demand.

    For More information, please visit Follow NetXpress on Linkedin.

    For further information, please contact:
    Sean Mogle at Aspectus +16 462 029 845 bso(at)aspectuspr(dot)com
    Scott Feagans at NetXpress 312-871-3203 sfeagans(at)netxpressllc(dot)com Reported by PRWeb 51 minutes ago.

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    Benetech, Inc. has resolved a common problem among bulk-material handlers who work in high-temperature environments: trying to keep the conveyor belt clean with a scraper blade that wears out too soon and causes cumbersome maintenance.

    Aurora, IL (PRWEB) May 24, 2017

    Benetech, Inc. has resolved a common problem among bulk-material handlers who work in high-temperature environments: trying to keep the conveyor belt clean with a scraper blade that wears out too soon and causes cumbersome maintenance.

    Benetech’s ADVANTEDGE hot pink conveyor belt cleaner applies advanced design and technology to perform for longer periods without wearing down. The conveyor scraper withstands 375°F of steady operating temperature with intermittent spikes up to 450°F.

    “Many bulk material handlers find that their conveyor belt scraper blades won’t even last a few weeks between maintenance periods,” said Benetech Director of Strategic Initiatives Andy Waters. “The conditions are too much for the blades, which beyond wearing down also create maintenance hassles such as carryback and belt mistracking. Some operators even start to think they won’t find a conveyor belt scraper that lasts.

    “Just one ADVANTEDGE scraper blade installed as an example in a conveyor system shows operators how much more they can achieve for proper and lasting belt cleaning. The ADVANTEDGE blade can perform for well over six months and still stay strong. That increases production, extends conveyor belt life and decreases costly problems.”

    Benetech’s conveyor belt scraper also is compatible with high-heat clinker belts. Replacement belt cleaner blades can retrofit all major cleaner frames as well.

    Benetech provides complete, performance-based solutions for dust mitigation and bulk material–handling systems. Its products, services and technologies reduce dust, prevent spillage, improve material flow and reinforce compliance. A partner in planning, engineering and operating dust control and material handling, Benetech helps companies assess challenges, establish priorities and achieve the results they require. For more information, please call (630) 844-1300 or visit Reported by PRWeb 11 hours ago.

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    Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services, today announced the launch of the Infosys Boundaryless Data Lake offering powered by its Information Grid Solution on *Amazon Web Services (AWS)*. The solution allows enterprises to do more with their data by making it possible for them to leverage the insights it provides to reduce time-to-market, create new revenue models, reduce latency and improve operational efficiencies through near real-time decision making.


    With the vast volume of information and data available, companies need to rethink ways to create and drive business intelligence insights without boundaries. Keeping this objective in mind, Infosys has developed its Information Grid Solution that powers the Data Lake offering on AWS. The solution enables universal access to data and has the ability to perform analytics pervasively, thereby amplifying the potential to get new business insights.


    A leading consumer packaged goods company leveraged the Information Grid Solution to re-platform its global distributor sales management application on AWS. The solution significantly reduced end-to-end data processing time, addressed performance issues with visualization and led to overall cost reduction.


    A professional tools manufacturer built its Data Lake on AWS using Infosys' Boundaryless Data Lake offering leveraging AWS native services such as Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Aurora. The solution helped reduce organizational complexity by transforming and correlating data from discrete sources, while optimizing manufacturing, supply chains and SKUs listing.


    “Infosys partnered with Levi Strauss & Co’se-commerce business to build a first party data analytics solution on AWS,” said *Abigail Johnson, Senior Program Manager eCommerce, Levi Strauss & Co*. “The solution, built by Infosys, enables consumer insights of clickstream and e-commerce data to activate consumer revenue growth actions across marketing touch points.”


    *Sandeep Dadlani, President and Head of Americas, Infosys* said, “Our collaboration with AWS allows clients to fast track their data on to the cloud. The Infosys Boundaryless Data Lake offering powered by Infosys Information Grid Solution on AWS will help enterprises reduce latency, improve time to market and bring in operational efficiencies.”


    “Our enterprise customers are looking for powerful tools built on AWS that help them increase the business value they can generate from their vast amounts of data,” said *Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS*. “These enterprises can use the Boundaryless Data Lake offering from Infosys to create the necessary foundation for a range of data and analytics needs, while also taking full advantage of the breadth of services and pace of innovation that AWS provides.”


    *About Infosys Ltd.*

    Infosys is a global leader in technology services and consulting. We enable clients in more than 50 countries to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. From engineering to application development, knowledge management and business process management, we help our clients find the right problems to solve and to solve these effectively. Our team of over 200,000 innovators, across the globe, is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge and experience, across industries and technologies that we bring to every project we undertake.


    Visit to see how Infosys (NYSE: INFY) can help your enterprise thrive in the digital age.


    *Safe Harbor*

    Certain statements in this press release concerning our future growth prospects are forward-looking statements regarding our future business expectations intended to qualify for the 'safe harbor' under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which involve a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties relating to these statements include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties regarding fluctuations in earnings, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, our ability to manage growth, intense competition in IT services including those factors which may affect our cost advantage, wage increases in India, our ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals, time and cost overruns on fixed-price, fixed-time frame contracts, client concentration, restrictions on immigration, industry segment concentration, our ability to manage our international operations, reduced demand for technology in our key focus areas, disruptions in telecommunication networks or system failures, our ability to successfully complete and integrate potential acquisitions, liability for damages on our service contracts, the success of the companies in which Infosys has made strategic investments, withdrawal or expiration of governmental fiscal incentives, political instability and regional conflicts, legal restrictions on raising capital or acquiring companies outside India and unauthorized use of our intellectual property and general economic conditions affecting our industry. Additional risks that could affect our future operating results are more fully described in our United States Securities and Exchange Commission filings including our Annual Report on Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016. These filings are available at Infosys may, from time to time, make additional written and oral forward-looking statements, including statements contained in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and our reports to shareholders. In addition, please note that any forward-looking statements contained herein are based on assumptions that we believe to be reasonable as of the date of this press release. The company does not undertake to update any forward-looking statements that may be made from time to time by or on behalf of the company unless it is required by law. Reported by NewsVoir 7 hours ago.

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    One of the Canadian air force spy planes assigned to the campaign against the Islamic State has been quietly withdrawn and brought home, CBC News has learned. Reported by 3 minutes ago.

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    Haris Simangunsong, an Indonesian man living in Aurora who came to the United States to escape persecution for being a Christian is in the process of being deported after being detained by immigration officials Tuesday. Reported by Denver Post 47 minutes ago.